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  • A benefit solution that charges absolutely NO administrative fees?
  • A partner that is focused on customer service and your individual program needs?
  • A voucher that employees can use in all 50 states for public transit, commuter-related parking, and bicycle benefits?
  • A partner that provides express courier delivery (never ground) for every order?
  • A benefit solution that is fully compliant and expressly part of IRS Section 132(f)?
  • A partner who provides 7 day/week customer service in support of your employees and your transportation benefit program?
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    Fee Free Transportation Fringe Benefits
    Our NO administrative fee vouchers means that every dollar spent on transportation fringe benefits goes to those benefits for both employees and employers. TranBen's readily available service provides a great solution for transportation fringe benefits programs at the lowest cost, the lowest risk, and the fastest order turnaround times.
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    in all 50
    United States.
    Employees use TranBen vouchers every day throughout the country, including 2 U.S. territories, to buy fares and passes for public transportation, including train, bus, vanpool, and ferry services. TranBen's parking vouchers are used by employees to pay for work-related parking expenses, and our bicycle vouchers are an excellent method of providing employees with the tax-free bicycle benefit incentive.
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    Fully Compliant
    with U.S. Tax
    The IRS Code is specific regarding standards for transportation fringe benefit tax exemption. Unlike credit/debit cards and cash reimbursement programs, vouchers are a tried and true mechanism that have been used since the tax code for transportation fringe benefits was established in 1993. TranBen vouchers meet all requirements for a fully compliant, tax-exempt transportation fringe benefit program as specified by the U.S. Federal Tax Code.