About Us

TranBen provides ADMINISTRATIVE FEE-FREE transportation benefit services to clients for their public transit-using employees.

We have years of experience working with and developing successful programs for private sector companies, public sector organizations, and transit authorities. We help our partners create, develop and implement the right solution for their unique organizational needs.

Our Commitment:
Our relationship with our partners is our most valuable asset. We are a dedicated resource that is committed to providing solutions that best serve our clients, their public transit riders, and the community at large. For us, business = people. We develop relationships with our partners, no matter how large or small they may be. We are always a resource for our partners and their employees, and we relish every opportunity to work with them.

Our Experience:

  • TranBen has decades of experience in passenger and event ticketing.  Our experience includes:
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with thousands of transit authorities, providers and vendors throughout United States (and growing)
  • Extensive background with ticket stock, barcoding, SmartCards, fulfillment, customer delivery, & customer service
  • Expertise in employer-based transportation benefit programs including pre-tax, and transportation demand management

Our Drive:
We work with clients of all shapes, sizes, and types, such as incentive/subsidy/pre-tax, public/private/non-profit, of any size – from 4 employees to 40,000+. We are happy to talk to anyone at any time regarding Tax-Free Transportation Fringe Benefits: transit authorities, vendors, companies, and individuals. We are there whenever and wherever someone needs us. Our drive is to help get more people on board with public transportation and to best serve all our partners.

Additional Information: For questions or assistance, please call us at 877-587-6236 or email us at support@tranben.com.