TranBen is a nationwide provider of transportation vouchers for commuter benefit programs with NO Administrative Fees. We provide a guaranteed payment method dedicated to the purchase of work-related commuter passes/services, including: metro and interstate rail, city busses, van-pool, ferry/water taxi services, etc. TranBen was created with the sole purpose of providing vouchers for commuter benefits programs at the lowest cost, the lowest risk and the best order turnaround possible.

How We Provide the Lowest Cost:

  • By Providing a No Administrative Fee Product. TranBen’s no administrative fee structure allows clients to provide their commuter benefits program with no outside costs above the cost of employee transportation. Our competitors typically charge administrative fees of 3-7%. TranBen’s no fee model saves our clients millions of dollars annually.

How We Mitigate Risk to our Clients:

TranBen mitigates your Supply Risk by:

  • Accepting Any Size and Frequency of Order Our Clients Require. TranBen’s processes are capable of handling large and small orders alike. Some clients order as few as 3 vouchers per quarter; others order 30,000 vouchers valued at millions of dollars per month. Should an agency need to build a large inventory in-house – or order vouchers once per week – TranBen can help.
  • Providing the Highest Quality Physical Vouchers. Voucher supply can be compromised by using easily damaged transit vouchers. TranBen’s voucher design is on industry leading “Diamond Level Security Paper,” an extremely durable check stock. Combined with our packaging and delivery processes, our clients’ employee-commuters experience virtually no supply problems from damaged/unusable product after receiving the product.
  • Including Unsurpassed Security Features. Poor product security, such as information theft with electronic card products or easily replicated commuter checks, can also threaten supply. TranBen’s Diamond Level Security Paper is the highest level of security paper with multiple, patented security features specific to this stock. Additionally, our voucher requires us to hold no employee data. Lastly, TranBen vouchers are restricted to the purchase of transit services only – unlike credit/debit cards or cash based programs.
  • Providing Superior Delivery Standards and Exceptional Product Handling. With many millions of vouchers shipped over the years, TranBen has developed the most effective process for product packaging. Additionally, TranBen exclusively uses registered courier services to deliver voucher orders. Our registered courier services provide a consistently superior delivery/tracking record and has demonstrated exceptional product handling/care. Thanks to our courier partners’ handling and TBL’s packaging standards, damage in shipping is non-existent.

TranBen mitigates your Benefits Program/Tax Compliance Risk by:

  • Maintaining Full Compliance with Section 132(f) of the U.S. Tax Code. The IRS code is very specific regarding standards for commuter benefit program tax exemption. Unlike credit/debit cards and cash reimbursement programs, TranBen vouchers meet all requirements for a fully compliant, tax exempt benefit payment mechanism specified by the U.S. federal tax code.
  • Helping to Protect Sensitive Employee Data. TranBen never collects your employee information; all employee information is maintained by the employer organization. This step safeguards against the inherent vulnerability with credit card and other stored data in today’s on-line environment. Our clients determine the number and dollar amount of vouchers their employees require and then simply place an aggregated order with TranBen.
  • Allowing for Complete Flexibility of Commuter Transit. TranBen vouchers are accepted by over 500 transit authorities and providers across all 50 U.S. states. TranBen vouchers are used for metro and interstate rail, city busses, van-pool, ferry/water taxi services and more. Commuters can choose the best transportation option for them, and use a fully compliant TranBen voucher to purchase a multitude of fare media.
  • Being a Long-term, Established Voucher Supplier. TranBen is the largest supplier of transit vouchers to agencies within the U.S. Federal Government via the DOT’s TRANServe Commuter Benefits program. Additionally, we supply hundreds of thousands of vouchers annually to private sector organizations and local governments across all 50 states and 2 U.S. territories.

How We Provide the Fastest Turnaround Time:

  • By Providing Immediate Order Turnaround. TranBen provides immediate turnaround (no longer than next day) on most orders and 3 day or less turnaround on orders greater than $5,000,000. Very often, contract specialists/administrators receive their internal order requirements at the last minute. Our clients routinely rely on our ability to receive their order and have it delivered the following morning.

How the Service Works:

  • A TranBen client orders the vouchers its employees need for a period of time, in any denominations the client requires.
  • The client sends a check to TranBen for the total amount of the vouchers (with no administrative fee).
  • TranBen ships those vouchers to the client within 3 business days, or less.
  • The client’s employees then use the vouchers just like a check to purchase transit related products/services only.

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