Why Partner With TranBen?

Our Cost

We provide a No Administrative Fee Product. TranBen’s no administrative fee voucher allows clients to provide their commuter benefits to employees with no outside costs above the cost of employee transportation. To put this in perspective, our competitors charge initial set up fees plus administrative fees of 3-7% of the total cost of the vouchers. This huge price difference allows us to save our clients millions of dollars per year.

Our Service

TranBen puts no restrictions on your commuter benefit voucher orders – you can order as often as you need, in any quantity your program requires and in the exact denominations that best serve your employees. Regardless of the size or frequency of orders, TranBen still charges no administrative fees.
TranBen provides immediate order turnaround. Administering your commuter benefits program has enough complications without worrying if your vouchers will arrive in time. TranBen produces your order the same day it’s placed and ships for next day arrival.

Our Support

Our clients have better things to do than answer commuter-related questions. TranBen provides 7 day/week customer service to all clients and their employee-commuters. Our 800 number is printed on every voucher and our customer service staff is available to help.

Guaranteed Tax Compliance

The IRS Code is specific regarding standards for transportation fringe benefit tax exemption. Unlike credit/debit cards and cash reimbursement programs, vouchers are a tried and true mechanism that have been used since the tax code for transportation fringe benefits was established in 1993. TranBen vouchers meet all requirements for a readily available, fully compliant, tax-exempt transportation fringe benefit program as specified by the U.S. Federal Tax Code.

Our Security

Using TranBen vouchers allows our clients to control & protect their employees’ personal information. Unlike third party administrators or credit card products, your employee data is secure and handled only by you. The only information TranBen requires is the amount and denominations of the vouchers your employees require.

Poor product security, such as information theft with electronic card products or easily replicated commuter checks, can threaten supply. TranBen’s Diamond Level Security Paper is the highest level of security paper with multiple, patented security features specific to this stock. TranBen vouchers are restricted to the purchase of transit services only – unlike credit/debit cards or cash based programs.

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Additional Information: For questions or assistance, please call us at 877-587-6236 or email us at support@tranben.com.