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TranBen Is an Easy and Effective Solution to the San Francisco Commuter Benefit Ordinance!
Since January 19, 2009, the city of San Francisco has required compliance with the San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance. This ordinance requires businesses with locations in San Francisco and 20 or more employees nationwide to offer a Commuter Benefit to their employees.  To be fully compliant an employer may offer:

  • a pre-tax employee-paid  benefit
  • an  employer-paid  transportation  benefit
  • an  employer provided shuttle service (i.e. vanpool)
  • or a combination of these options.

TranBen helps employers meet the ordinance requirements without any additional cost above the cost of transportation! TranBen’s administrative fee-free service means that every dollar spent on the Commuter Benefit goes directly to the cost of employee transportation.

We understand the stress and time constraints associated with running a business which is why we offer the quickest order turnaround time in the industry. Most orders are shipped the same day that they are placed and are always delivered within 3 days of completion via FedEx courier.

Please note, employers are required to submit an annual Compliance  Form to the  Commute Smart program at the San Francisco Department of Environment by April 30th of each year. Click Here for a copy of the most current form. Non-compliance with the ordinance will can result in several fines: $100 for a first violation, $200 for a second violation within the same year, $500 for each additional violation within the same year.

For more information about the San Francisco Commuter Benefits Ordinance, please go to If you would like to download a copy of “How to Set-Up a Commuter Benefits Program: A Guide for San Francisco Employees,” please Click Here.

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